Account managements Software
Invoicing Managements
Tax Managements
Pets Shop Managements
School Managements Systems
Inventory Management
TMS(Transport Management system)
HMS(Hospital Managements system)
Super Shop Management
Project Management
HR Management
AMS(Apartments managements system)
LMS(Library Managements systems)
RMS(Real estate Managements systems)
CMS(cab/taxi managements systems )
FMS(fleet management system)
Fees Collections
Sales force managements

Yes, we have the right solution for your growth objectives.

Clearly it all comes down to core competency! Parnets Group will help you stay focused and be ahead of competition.

With our customized integrated solutions that are specially designed for critical regulatory processes, Parnets Group has enabled our clients to save millions of dollars — year after year.

Parnets Group’s extensive expertise across Engineering (Engineered to Order / Built-to-Order) industries, Pharmaceutical Industry and Field-Force Management, make us your preferred technology partner.

Easy to use

And this is something we take great pride in. And to prove our point, here are some of our key solutions that walk the talk.

Why Parnets

Development and Implimentations

Since 1997 across Australia ,Bangalore,Delhi,Patna … and the list is growing.

Large (1000+ person-months) to small projects, Parnets Group approaches all assignments with method, dedication and expertise. Delivers IT systems that are closely aligned with the clients' business objectives and processes.

Partner with us

We welcome partners from across the globe with whom we can work on business opportunities in the areas of Engineering, Pharma and Field Force.

As the technological landscape changes daily, leverage our technical expertise for building a shared and a lasting partnership.

Our Partner Program can support your growth in providing the tools you need to succeed in the world of Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Field Force.

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Dedicated Center

A large US multinational benefits from establishing a Dedicated Software Center at Parnets Group.

Key Benefits

  • Large savings in operational costs
  • Flexible resource
  • Timely delivery

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