Cross Platform App Development Services
There is such a huge range of mobile devices and platforms available in the market. And, Parnets Group is one of the top cross platform app development companies to develop mobile applications for multiple platforms and multiple devices.

At Parnets Group, we build memorable mobile experiences by using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Be it HTML5 cross platform apps development or using any other technology; we have the desired know-how to deliver results. We spend a time to deeply understand your requirement, and use agile development methodology to create apps that meet the needs of your business, industry, and users. Moreover, we also deliver proven & flexible engagement models.

What are the different cross platform mobile development technologies?

There are multiple technologies that are used for cross platform. Here are some of the popular ones:

PhoneGap: PhoneGap application development can hold you in good stead. It is an award-winning framework, and is based on distributed systems technologies and web shortcuts. It lets developers access advanced hardware components.

Xamarin: It is a C# based platform. Code with this framework is generally written for iOS and Android.

Titanium: Titanium application development is very popular too. This framework is efficient and simple to use.

Ionic: Here’s one of the best frameworks in today’s times. Ionic application development provides compelling functions that let you make beautiful, open-source applications.

What are the benefits of cross platform mobile development?

Here are some of the benefits of using cross platform mobile apps development:

Speed: With a single code, it becomes faster to create cross platform apps.

Low Cost: Because of the time saved on cross platform apps, the total cost involved becomes low too.

Simplicity: Your app can be instantly synced across all platforms and devices, and that makes your life efficient.

What makes us Leading Cross Platform Mobile Development Company?

Being a provider of cross platform mobile apps development service, we have had global clients outsource work to us. Our clients love how we always strive to fulfill their core needs. Here’s what differentiates us from the rest:

We use Agile to offer prompt results

Our developers have wide experience in developing cross platform apps

We use multiple platforms, and excel at them all

Our services are cost effective.
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